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52 Project – Week 28 – “Through the Window”

It’s so wet here in Northern Virginia that we’re growing mushrooms and algae by the pound! and the humidityView full post »

52 Project – Week 27 – “Favorite Toy”

Oh goody goody – MAC said that I get to write this week’s post. It’s me, Sydney!  So you want to knowView full post »

52 Project – Week 25 – “Sleeping”

Sydney sleeping?? Surely you jest! Whenever I went to pull out my camera to catch her in one of those adorableView full post »

52 Project – Week 23 – “Downtown”

Downtown Alexandria – with a DOG!  One of the most dog-friendly places I’ve seen.  Dogs to the left of us,View full post »

52 Project – Week 19 – “Architecture”

Having spent the past week in Dallas attending the Texas Photo School for Professional Photographers, I had the chanceView full post »

52 Project – Week 16 – “Seniors: Aging Gracefully”

Older dogs… anyone who has ever had the privilege of seeing a dog through their senior years can empathize withView full post »

52 Project – Week 15 – “Then and Now”

I just love it when the weekly theme is announced, and I immediately know what I’m going to do! Especially when IView full post »

52 Project – Week 14 – “Under”

Finally!  Spring has almost arrived here in Northern Virginia, and pet photography and running dogs are the order ofView full post »

52 Project – Week 13 – “Back Lighting”

This week’s theme, Back Lighting! Using the sun or other bright light source to highlight or silhouette yourView full post »