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Project 52 – “Triangle Dance”

Another challenging week with Mr. DuChemin’s assignment for Lesson 6:  Master the Triangle. I remember a teacherView full post »

Project 52 – “Shoot RAW”

Our assignment from David DuChemin’s most excellent textbook ” The Visual Toolbox” is all aboutView full post »

Project 52 – “Zone System”

This week’s topic in David DuChemin’s book “The Visual Toolbox” – is all about exposureView full post »

Project 52 – “Vision”

As photographers, there is always something more to learn, to grow, to improve, to hone the craft of “drawingView full post »

Project 52: Low Key

We’re back!!!  Sydney has been complaining that I’ve neglected her weekly Project 52 appearances on theView full post »

52 Project – Week 36- Sky

So out we trudged out today into the heat so common for summer in northern Virginia to capture our image for the week,View full post »

52 Project – Week 28 – “Through the Window”

It’s so wet here in Northern Virginia that we’re growing mushrooms and algae by the pound! and the humidityView full post »

52 Project – Week 25 – “Sleeping”

Sydney sleeping?? Surely you jest! Whenever I went to pull out my camera to catch her in one of those adorableView full post »

52 Project – Week 24 – “Gardens”

We are having a scorcher of a week weather-wise! After a glorious weekend of 70 degree temps, when making thisView full post »