Mister – a Most Distinguished Feline

Hi Holly –

Mister’s portrait came together so easily for me! I sometimes have to fret and stew and cogitate, but Mister’s photo where he was sitting on the back stone patio just spoke to me – and there he was – just looking up as if to say “I’m the new feline gentleman of this domicile….”

And you’re right – bright colors are NOT appropriate for such a distinguished cat. I added just a few hints of color throughout his fur. I love his eyes – and his ragged ear tips. I gave you a few options for the background colorings – very subtle differences, but I think you will like them. Let me know what you think. As soon as we’ve decided, give me about a day or two, and I’ll be able to finish the portrait, frame it, and deliver it to you. Thanks again for letting me create a lifelong memory for you of this dear sweet cat.

And here is the original image that I used for inspiration:


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