Latte at the Farm

Robbie –

Here’s how Latte’s day at the farm in his new home went…. I think he fit right in!

Latte- at the Farm

RIght off… he found the biggest bone in the house and laid claim to it!

Latte- at the Farm-2

I love his little paw clutching that big old bone!

Latte- at the Farm-3

Uh… it’s okay for me to have this, right??

Latte- at the Farm-4

And he found a toy to rest his head on as he was gnawing away!

Latte- at the Farm-5

Lotsa toys here! Now… let me show you my new dog buds!

Latte- at the Farm-6

Okay, so there’s me, leading the pack – then Sydney, then Sally the Corgi and then that big lug of a dog – Yeti… I can run faster than ALL of them!

Latte- at the Farm-7

See what I told you – I’m the one at the FRONT of the line!

Latte- at the Farm-8

And we’re off again…

Latte- at the Farm-9

I faked ’em out again with my quick reverse turn!

Latte- at the Farmw Snuggles

This is Snuggles – in his silly little sweater coat – I’m checking out his couch… while his back is turned…

Latte- w the Corgie Pups

WOW – these little guys are TINY… 3 week old Corgi puppies – Sally, their mom, let me come over and check them out. Can I have one?

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