From MAC – Who Am I and Why I Do What I Do

Who Am I?

  • After three decades in the trenches of the corporate world, in the telecom and training industries, if you had told me that I would be a pet photographer in this decade of my life, I would never have believed you!
  • I’ve always loved creating beautiful pieces of art – whether I use paints, fabrics, paper, or now – PIXELS!
  • I love meeting new people and learning all about them, where they’ve lived, what they’ve done that’s gotten them to this point in their lives where our life paths crossed – even if only for a two-hour plane ride.
  • I love Starbucks tall hazelnut frappucinos and have finally learned to say Tall  or Grande instead of small or medium. Oh, and don’t forget my Ham and Cheddar Artisan Breakfast Sandwich (Starbucks, are ya listenin’??)
  • My hair’s turned silver in the past few years, and rather than plop myself down in the stylist chair every 4 weeks for a root touch-up (and highlights every 3 months), I’ve embraced that as my natural color – and I adore my hair stylist who has been totally supportive of me in this mission to be who I really am.
  • Even though I’m a native Texan, I can actually go to the grocery store these days without applying full face makeup (Mom… I’m sorry… but it’s just not necessary to be totally coiffed with perfect makeup to pick out good avocadoes.)
  • I adore my husband, Tom, who is my best friend – and who has been my biggest cheerleader throughout our relationship. He’s never stopped believing in me, even when I doubted taking on a new venture or career.

Why Do I Do What I Do?

If you’ve come this far, you’re probably a lot like me – and have loved more than one pet in your life. And have probably lost a pet. And even now, you may be a bit teary-eyed when you think of those pets who are no longer with you.

I’ve loved all of my dogs throughout my life…. Kelsey, who could never resist my nice leather shoes, Rocky, the Tissue Thief who kept his stash under the bed, and Cherish who liked to unpack any box or suitcase to examine everything inside. And now Sydney, who is my muse and daily companion. She has the capacity to make me laugh, cry, howl, fume, and scream with all of her puppy antics and growing pains. And I love her more than I could ever imagine loving another creature.

My dogs have never held a grudge, have always been ecstatic to see me again when I return, whether it’s just from going out to get the mail or after returning from a weekend away. When I look at their portraits on my wall, all of those warm, happy feelings return as I recall how special they were and are to me. I want you to be able to have beautiful art that helps you to remember your special animal companion forever. The time they spend with us is so very short, and losing a pet can be the same as losing a life-long companion. All we have left are the memories of the times we spent together, and the happiness and joy they brought into our lives.

I would be honored to create memories of your pet to make your heart smile every day so that you have a permanent reminder that brings back all of the special moments and times you spent together. If it seems like I would be the perfect person to do this for you – please reach out and contact me.

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