All About Us… by Sydney


Syd&MAC-7-2-14grey-hairSydney & MAC – yup – that’s us! MAC is MY human – I go almost everywhere with her, except when she tells me it’s too hot, or no dogs are allowed, or she has to go to a work meeting. Before I adopted her – she belonged to a dog named Cherish – who was MUCH littler than me – she was a “Tibbie” (MAC says that’s what they call a Tibetan Spaniel). She tells me that I’m the biggest (and BESTEST) dog that she’s ever had…

MAC a/k/a Marianne Cherry –  has been painting and doing artsy-fartsy stuff (that’s what Tom calls it) for like forever! When she was really young, she took  oil painting classes, and then started painting with acrylics and has stuff all over the house that’s she painted – on the walls, on tables, it’s everywhere! And then there are the really pretty colored quilts that she’s made – I sometimes sneak off to peek at her fabrics in the room that’s “NOT FOR DOGS, SYDNEY!” Whatever…  Nowadays  she’s either pointing her camera at me or some other four-pawed creature or she’s sitting at her computer with her Wacom tablet. She says she paints with these things she calls PIXELS which is like painting without having to clean your brushes all the time.  I love seeing all of the dog and cat portraits that she paints on her computer screen. It’s like… MAGIC!

Tom---CameraAnd this is Tom a/k/a “Dad”. He’s the chief pet wrangler and photographer.  Also dog walker, artistic advisor, chef,  business consultant and he’s only my second favorite human ’cause Mom (a/k/a MAC) is Number One. I think he has a camera permanently attached to him. But that is just a dog’s perspective. Pets, wild birds, landscapes, trees, insects, moving water and, as he calls them, just for the fun of it photos are all subjects that find their way into his camera lens. In fact he has had a camera set up on the back deck for the past 3 hours trying to get a good photo of a hummingbird. Humans can be a little strange at times.

SYd-Mini2And I’m Sydney… but I think you kinda figured that out by now. I’m a bouncing ball of joy in MAC and Tom’s lives. Well….. except when I unroll the toilet paper…or stretch out and hog most of the bed at night…. or grab MAC’s hair scrunchy off her ponytail when she’s not paying attention to me… you get the idea.  I’m almost perfect!

I adopted MAC and Tom when I was just 14 weeks old. I think I was pretty smart in picking the right humans! I’m an APRICOT – not white or beige – standard Poodle and I’m really tall with long, long legs –  and I can run like the wind, especially when my bestie, Mo, the bearded collie, is chasing me around his yard. That’s probably my favorite thing in the whole world. Almost. Except for when it’s treat time.