52 Project – Week 31 – Favorite Part

Favorite part of the lovely Miss Sydney-beans? well, that would have to be those melt-in-your-mouth-chocolate brown orbs of hers. Who can resist these eyes? I always know when she’s up to something as she gets this mischievous glint. And she is relentless when she wants something – I can feel her eyes boring into my back as I’m working away at the computer. Especially when it’s towards the end of the day and time for her visit with her best dog-buds down the street.

This week’s 52 Project just begged for a macro shot. On goes the 90mm macro lens, with tack sharp focus-ability – but only if the subject remains still. Sydney was up for modeling, as… of course – it meant a TREAT! Here she is focused on Tom who is holding a tasty morsel in front of her so she will stay still for just a nano-second so my camera’s macro lens can grab focus –Syd-Macro-6649Syd-Macro-6650Now let’s see what the always reliably cute scruffy dude, Mr. Bojangles, has up his dog sleeve…with Cincinnati pet photographer Suzi Pix Photography.

Keep clicking through the webring until you land back here in the land of Sydney & MAC!

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