52 Project – Week 27 – “Favorite Toy”

Oh goody goody – MAC said that I get to write this week’s post.

It’s me, Sydney!  So you want to know my favorite toy?  Well, it’s whichever one of my dozens of toys is closest to me at the time. I love the squeaky sounds that my “puppies” make… that’s what Tom & MAC call my toys, ’cause I nibble and chew on them just like my momma did to me when I was a puppy. I especially like to make them squeak when I’m in bed in the morning and want to get up and Tom & MAC are being lazy-bones and sleeping in. I hop off my bed (the one I let Tom & MAC use at night) – and go pick out my favorite toy from my “stash” and then bounce back on and lay right on top of MAC’s legs and feet. Oh – and that’s mostly where I sleep all night ’cause I have to guard her from the boogie-dogs that sleep underneath the bed. And sometimes when I go out to pee or make poo, I like to bring one of my puppies with me. I don’t know why I do that, it’s just something I started doing one day, and now it’s just a habit I guess. Sometimes when we’re taking a walk, I have to stop and drop my puppy when I catch a whiff of something really wonderful – like deer poo or that handsome German Shepherd’s pee-mail – he just moved into the neighborhood and he writes me almost every morning! Anyhow.. sometimes I forget that I dropped my puppy and start looking all over – only to find that Tom or MAC will have picked it up for me. They’re pretty good about watching after my puppies. So – tonight – when MAC told me that I get to have my portrait made with my favorite toy – well… here’s one that I “borrowed” from my bestie Mo – he doesn’t like to play with toys – he makes fun and says they’re for girly dogs – not for manly dogs like him.  I think he’s just jealous of that German Shepherd (big dog sigh…) who lives down the street. Maybe MAC will take a picture of him and let me post it here next week!

Syd Fav Toy 52 Project-Standard Poodle Fairfax Pet Photography-MAC says you need to go see what Mr. Bojangles has to show for his favorite toy – so take a trip to Cincinnati to Suzi Pix Photography . Then keep on clicking through the webring until you land back here with me!

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  • Susannah - July 3, 2015 - 11:08 am

    Wow! That German Shepherd sure sounds like a nice boy, Sydney. Mr. Bojangles wanted to pop over and send you some kisses. So, “Kiss! Kiss! ♥” from Mr. B.ReplyCancel

  • Trina - July 3, 2015 - 1:27 pm

    Oh Sydney, you have quite the life, you know? Love this photo your mom captured of you! Mo sounds like a great friend!ReplyCancel

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