52 Project – Week 25 – “Sleeping”

Sydney sleeping?? Surely you jest! Whenever I went to pull out my camera to catch her in one of those adorable “feet up in the air” shots, she would immediately wake up, jump to her feet, wide awake, ready to go. The best I could hope for was getting her up into the new fun chair in the studio downstairs. It’s a wee bit small for her long poodle legs, but she managed to curl up and fit…. and when she got bored watching me, I almost caught her drifting off to sleep….Sydney-Standard Poodle Sleeping 52 Project-4085

I did say “almost”… right?  Because right after taking this photo, she bolted awake…Sydney-Standard Poodle Sleeping awake-52 Project-4084Next up in the webring…Sydney says you need to go check this out..Lupin Bay Photography….make sure to click through the entire webring to see all of the fun images of pets sleeping… (or not…)…


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