52 Project – Week 16 – “Seniors: Aging Gracefully”

Older dogs… anyone who has ever had the privilege of seeing a dog through their senior years can empathize with the images for this week’s theme – “Seniors: Aging Gracefully”. Older dogs are usually gentle, sometimes a wee bit crochety when they’re dealing with arthritis and joint pain. Until we look into their wizened faces with grizzled, gray beards and muzzles, we forget that they live such a short time compared to us, their human companions.

This week’s post features Gunther, a beautiful silver-grey haired Labrador/Weimaraner mix. He was a little tired on the day that he came to visit in the studio after having taken a bit of a walk to get here. I love how this image captured his beautiful profile and the glimmers and highlights on his fur.Week 15 - Seniors Aging Gracefully-4194And then there is Snuggles – taken from the archives from last spring. He’s the resident Dog-in-Charge on the farm, though he is outweighed ten times over by his fellow four-legged companions – three ginormous Bouviers. As a chihuahua, he’s been a great watchdog, and his job in the household is to awaken the giant sleeping Bouviers whenever he hears someone approaching the house. As he has aged, his ability to perform his job has diminished, but he’s no less pampered and spoiled. He still rules the roost from his perch on the couch. I love the expression he gave me – almost like he’s purposely sticking out his tongue at me!

Week 15 - Seniors Aging Gracefully-SNuggles-Next up in the web-blog ring – we have Susannah Maynard of Suzi Pix Photography in Cincinnati, Ohio – keep clicking on through the ring until you land back here with Sydney & MAC!

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