52 Project – Week 15 – “Then and Now”

I just love it when the weekly theme is announced, and I immediately know what I’m going to do! Especially when I have a bazillion other things on the plate – seems like that plate just keeps on spinning! This week’s theme is Then and Now – so what better than to write a post about a puppy’s first year of images!

This week’s post is featuring Sydney’s best buddy, Bailey the Beardie. Also known as a Bearded Collie – not to be confused with the Old English Sheepdog, though interestingly enough, the legend surrounding the origins of the Bearded Collie tells of Polish Lowland Sheepdogs who had such impressive herding abilities, that a Scottish farmer decided to breed them with some of the local Scottish dogs, and the result was the Bearded Collie. Current theory holds that the Beardie developed from the Magyar Komondor of Central Europe. Whatever his origins, he’s one happy-go-lucky, tongue-wagging, eager-to-greet-you dog, and Sydney adores the time she spends with him each week! Bailey’s coat was much darker when he was a young pup, and it’s starting to lighten a bit as he matures.  I was delighted to be able to capture his precious puppy-ness when he first came to live with human dog-mom, and his big bro’, Mo. And  how he has grown into such a handsome pup in just a few short months.

52 Project - Bearded Collie Fairfax Dog Photography - Sydney & MAC -

And yes – that tongue is ALWAYS out, ’cause Bailey is a boy on the move…

52 Project - Bearded Collie Fairfax Dog Photography - Sydney & MAC -230552 Project - Bearded Collie Fairfax Dog Photography - Sydney & MAC -2292

Next up in the blog ring is our Denver pet photographer, Deanna Hurt of Stink Dog Photos… make sure to keep on clicking through the webring until you land back here at Sydney & MAC!

Beautiful Beasties is a network with forums, blogs and chats for professional pet photographers, where we can get advice, share images and support each other. This post is part of the 52 Project Challenge. Each week, a new theme is chosen by a forum member – the requirement is that whatever we post must be shot that week – no fair using archived photos! It’s a great way to hone our photography skills and flex our creativity muscles. Our posts are linked together in a “web blog ring”. We use blog comments or the forum to leave feedback. Seeing what our fellow pet photographers have captured over the past week on Friday mornings is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get! (apologies to Forrest…)

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