52 Project – Week 14 – “Under”

Finally!  Spring has almost arrived here in Northern Virginia, and pet photography and running dogs are the order of the day. On a bright spring afternoon, late in the day, I ventured down with the lovely Miss Sydney to visit her dog beaus, Bailey & Mo.  In keeping with this week’s theme for “Under”, which we were allowed to interpret in any way we chose… I took the long lens out to work on my action shots of the three pups. Action shots are always a challenge, especially without the assistance of a strobe or speedlight flash. My goal this year is to capture a shot of Bailey or his big bro, Mo, in full Beardie run with every single hair frozen in place! Meanwhile, I was content to have captured a nice shot of Bailey underway – running with fur a’flyin’ and tongue a’waggin’…. he’s still a young pup, not quite a year old yet – and gave Sydney a run for her dog money that afternoon!


Sydney, being the primo ball hog of the bunch – took a break while guarding her newly-stolen possession… resting under the sunshine that was painting such a lovely rim light showing off long poodle ears.



Next up in the webring:  Peta Santoro of 100 Loyal Faces – don’t forget to keep clicking on the links until you return to the land of Sydney & MAC!

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