52 Project – “Frame It”

My turn to pick this week’s theme! One of my photography mentors recently gave me an assignment to try “framing” my subjects – doorframes, trees, posts, fenceposts. Another chilly  week here outside our nation’s capitol, I decided to walk around the house to find a suitable frame for the lovely Sydney. Photographing dogs in natural light is always a challenge – especially dogs with very long noses. I want to see highlights in the eyes, and strive to keep the eyes and nose in focus as much as possible. Since La Sydney has a VERY long nose, and I was using natural light with an 85mm lens, I had to kick up my ISO fairly high to maintain a depth of field to accommodate the majority of her face.  And of course, to make my mission more challenging… Missy was NOT in the mood – even though I was bribing her with treats. Even then, she was so excited about getting the treat that the moment I lifted my camera to my eye, she poodle-bounced right over to me. Time to call in the dog wrangler-in-training – Tom. All I needed him to do was just keep her in one position long enough so that I could focus and take the shot. Easier said than done since Sydney was in high poodle gear today and had zero interest in cooperating.

Nonetheless – I found my “frame” – a common household object – and when Sydney would stand “just so”… it worked!

Project 52 Frame Sydney Standard Poodle-

Now… take a trip to the land that’s far far away to my Beautiful Beastie bud’s weblog –  Hamilton, New Zealand pet photographer, Kelly Wolfe. You just never know what you’re gonna see on the other side of the world!

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