52 Project – Week 2 – “January”

I’m always on the lookout for interesting textures and colors, especially in these drab, dreary, and cloudy days of January. One of our neighbors has the most spectacular group of tall grasses that glow like spun gold when sun is shining in the late afternoon.  With the winds blowing around 20-25mph and wind chills somewhere in the low 20’s (Farenheit), despite the bright sunshine, it was COLD!!  Sydney was thrilled to have a field trip out of the house since she’s been sequestered indoors after her recent surgery. I try to avoid bright sunshine as it creates harsh shadows; Sydney was having too much fun as she imitated a Thai shadow dancer:

Standard Poodle Fairfax Virginia Pet Photography January

And then she decided that SHE was in charge as she grabbed the long lead in her mouth, wanting to play “tug” with Dad who was wrangling for me. She stopped for a minute to look in my direction as if she was totally innocent, doing absolutely nothing wrong…

Standard Poodle Fairfax Virginia Pet Photography January-3

And finally.. the glamour girl decided to pose so sweetly, modeling her new collar and backlit by the golden glow of the grasses blowing in the wind

Standard Poodle Fairfax Virginia Pet Photography January-4


Next up in the web ring we have Trina Bauer Photography from central Pennsylvania – make sure to keep clicking through the webring – and you’ll find yourself going all the way around the world since the Beautiful Beasties are located everywhere!

Beautiful Beasties is a network with forums, blogs and chats for professional pet photographers, where we can get advice, share images and support each other. This post is part of the 52 Project Challenge. Each week, a new theme is chosen by a forum member – the requirement is that whatever we post must be shot that week – no fair using archived photos! It’s a great way to hone our photography skills and flex our creativity muscles. Our posts are linked together in a “web blog ring”. We use blog comments or the forum to leave feedback. Seeing what our fellow pet photographers have captured over the past week on Friday mornings is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get! (apologies to Forrest…)

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