52 Project – Week 49 – “Family”

Sheesh…. so it’s Thursday night, and I’m takin’ my normal late afternoon snooze when all of a sudden, MAC a/k/a Mom decides that we all have to traipse downstairs for a “family portrait”…. uh huh… like… as if…. where’s my treats is all I wanna know.

Okay… so TAKE 1 – Dad is in charge of the remote for the camera and I have to “act nice, Sydney”…. yah… like that’s happenin’…Project 52 Family Week 48-3Nope – not gonna work on ME… I want TREATS!

so…Project 52 Family Week 48-4Now everyone’s complaining ’cause I’m facing the WRONG WAY!  MAC is holding the squeaker thingy that I just love, and my fav bag of treats on the floor beside her. So… I negotiate… 8 treats and I’ll sit still for ONE click.

Project 52 Family Week 48-2What’s that look on Dad’s face?  Here I am looking like a glam-girl poodle… and he has to have THAT look on his face.. Okay – LAST TIME… one more shot – and then that whole bag of treats is MINE… all MINE!!!

Project 52 Family Week 48Not perfect – but it’s about as good as it’s gonna get…… now I’m back upstairs to finish my nap….. and it’s time for you to click through the webring – check out  Erin Steigerwalt down in Charlottesville, Virginia
and keep clicking ’til you get back here!

Signing off –


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