52 Project – Week 48 – “Most Treasured Object”

My pick of themes for this week:  Most Treasured Object.  In case you haven’t guessed by now – Sydney has Standard Poodle ancestors – and would like you to know that the Standard Poodle is THE original Poodle, much unlike the “foo-foo” dogs you see trotting about at the dog shows. The name comes from the German Pudelhund, meaning a hound who splashes in water. Standard Poodles make excellent hunting retrievers for ducks and other waterfowl. Their keen intelligence makes them easy to command; they are agile swimmers, and their hair has moisture resistant qualities, being much like wool. Which explains why Sydney doesn’t seem to mind being out in the rain much at all – unlike her human minions who come back in drenched and quite miserable!

Ah yes… onto the Most Treasured Object. In Sydney’s case – she’s really quite fickle. On her daily walks, she always has to bring home her most treasured stick – for that particular walk, of course. Each day she brings home her new “most treasured stick” from the walk.. ..which she obligingly releases to us upon entering the front door, only to have us fling it out into the bushes. We will either have one humongous bonfire from her collection, or a most unusual “stick garden” in our near future. Since I missed out last week on the Bokeh theme – I’m incorporating a little of that into this week’s takes…Project 52 - Standard Poodle Week 48 - Treasured Object-3Project 52 - Standard Poodle Week 48 - Treasured Object-2This is the view we, her human minions, see when she’s walking proudly beside us, carrying her newly found treasure.Project 52 - Standard Poodle Week 48 - Treasured ObjectNow… onto the next Beautiful Beastie participant in this webring: Erin Steigerwalt of Photos by Erin in Charlottesville, Virginia.  Keep clicking through the webring until you land back here with Sydney & MAC.

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