52 Project – Week 46 – “Catch Lights”

Interesting theme for this week:  “Catch Lights”. People-portrait photographers know it’s easy to ask a person to face “nose into the light” to get those beautiful globes of light that make their eyes sparkle and their face come alive. Unfortunately – for those of us who specialize in pet photography –  a puppy’s nose is more interested in leaves, or treats, or other unidentifiable mounds of stuff – so it takes skill to capture those beautiful orbs when a puppy is in constant motion.

We had a last-minute request to photograph Dream, a spunky Boxer-Pit puppy who’s not quite 5 months old. Her dad did a great job of wrangling for me – and Dream had a great time playing in the autumn leaves on our back deck.

Dream - leaf re-edit 2Next up in the Beautiful Beasties webring this week, we welcome back Carol Locey Photography in Cincinnati, Ohio – keep clicking on the links until you land back here!

Beautiful Beasties is a network with forums, blogs and chats for professional pet photographers, where we can get advice, share images and support each other. This post is part of the 52 Project Challenge. Each week, a new theme is chosen by a forum member – the requirement is that whatever we post must be shot that week – no fair using archived photos! It’s a great way to hone our photography skills and flex our creativity muscles. Our posts are linked together in a “web blog ring”. We use blog comments or the forum to leave feedback. Seeing what our fellow pet photographers have captured over the past week on Friday mornings is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re gonna get! (apologies to Forrest…)


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