52 Project – Week 30 – “Sleepytime”

This was my very first week to pick a theme – and since we’re getting ready to enter the “dog days of August”… I thought what better time to find our favorite four-legged ones while they’re snoozing away. Almost impossible to do with Miss Sydney since she is hyper-alert and whenever I tried to approach her with my camera, her eyes would fly open! And of course, this would be the week that she went into heat. The latest “best practice” recommended by the vets and dog experts that I trust:  for large dogs –  let the females go through one heat cycle before spaying so that the influx of hormones help their growth plates, bones, ligaments, and tendons to mature properly. Thus the lovely diapers that she’s sporting in the image below.

Decided to go with a collage of all the many faces she gave me while trying to catch her snoozing.  Captions include:  “Mom, why are you bothering me?”… and “oh right… I forgot… I must pose because I’m your dog model this week”… to ” Are you just about done?” and then, she finally gave in as the click of the shutter lulled her sleep…. night, night, Princess Sydney… dream of all those boy dogs who yearn to be your suitors… NOT!


Next up on the web ring we have…. Barking Lab Studio in New Jersey – make sure to click through until you complete the circle through the Beautiful Beasties Network of Pet Photography.

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