52 Project – Week 29 – “Fairytale”

I loved this theme, and have been thinking all week about my interpretation of “Fairytale” and how I could use a forest-type background to create something magical. So here we have “Sydney of the Forest”.  After torrential rainstorms moved through our area all day yesterday, leaving behind a beautiful summer day with no humidity and light winds, the plants and trees were vibrant green as the sun was setting tonight. I grabbed my camera and headed out with Miss Sydney in tow on her long 30 ft black lead because God knows she’s still an impetuous energetic puppy and will run off to chase a robin or squirrel or anything else that catches her eye unless she’s tethered! Getting her to sit and stay for any length of time is a challenge, but I promised her a visit to her bestie, Mo, the bearded collie, down the street if she would just humor me for a few moments while I snagged my shot. As the last rays of sun were peaking through the tree leaves, I managed to get a small sun flare which I later enhanced in Photoshop with a radial blur filter. I love the majestic look on her face, which matched the mood perfectly… until you glance down and see her little puppy foot in full kickstand mode.Sydney of the Forest

Up next in the 52 Project webring – let’s go to  Maryland’s own Bonnie Grower Pet Photography and see her interpretation! Make a full circle back around to insure you’ve seen all what all of our talented Beautiful Beasties photogs have done this week!


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